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August 2022

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Cert Scores

(October 2021-22 Schoolyear) “A 29 in English Sarah? Were you even trying?” Mephi looks over my shoulder incredulously at my CERT1 scores. “That’s literally the same thing you got for Math.” “Well you were distracting me throughout that test, so… Read More »Cert Scores

Chapter 4: Traveling

The morning we leave there isn’t much fanfare; all that was taken care of at the official dinner yesterday. Plenty of people gathered to see us off, but they’re all still asleep when we depart today. Although Faladel claims we’re… Read More »Chapter 4: Traveling


An arrow swishes by my head. I instinctively duck to the other side and raise my shield. We didn’t cover this in basic training. The showers of arrows dart through the sky like black birds of death. I see many… Read More »Takeover