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Chapter 11: Fallout

Faladel Now that I’m actually here, staring at the King of the dwarves, I’m not afraid. There is only one option after all, success. Failure doesn’t exist, can’t exist. As long as I believe this, my voice will remain steady.… Read More »Chapter 11: Fallout

Chapter 10: Bluffing

Faladel looks more collected than he has in weeks as he demands to see the dwarf leader. Arrogance and entitlement exude from his every pore. I’m rather impressed. I thought, since he seemed to be uncomfortable with lying, he’d be… Read More »Chapter 10: Bluffing

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Demon trouble

February, 2021-2022 Schoolyear I began unpacking my backpack uncomfortably. I didn’t realize the library near my school was so popular on the weekends. The only reason I was here was because Joy needed to take the entrance exams for our… Read More »Demon trouble