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Strange Things have Happened Here

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Mephi Stories

Slices of my life as seen through conversations with a personal demon.
Updated every Wednesday till I run out of backlog!

shallow focus photo of orange cat near laptop computer
Demon trouble

February, 2021-2022 Schoolyear I began unpacking my backpack uncomfortably. I didn’t realize the lib…

white and brown cat on red and white floral textile
Holiday Spirit

(December, 2021-22 Schoolyear) “Shoo Mephi!” I say distractedly at him. I’m trying to concentrate on…

white and black line illustration
Stress I

(November 2021-22 Schoolyear) “…”  “What’s the problem Sarah?” Mephi sighs leaning over m…

Latest Chapters

Finished chapters of unpublished works. Read them here before they go anywhere else!
Normally updated 1-2/week.

Chapter 24: Rebellions

Ludgera “You’re weak.” Agnark’s father, Lord Valdkin Yamat stares down at us from his high horse. He…

Chapter 23: Kin Killer

Istere and the King stare at each other, a cold and distant face off from across the throne room. Th…

Chapter 22: A Rescue and A Plot

When we finally have explained everything to Faladel and Briareth– Istere ending with, “So now every…

Chapter 21: Drastic Revelations

Balderk We’ve rescued the Queen, we defeated the High Priest, but Istere wants to continue while her…

Chapter 20: Shut Out

Ludgera (about twelve hours ago) “What?!” I exclaim angrily, but the PPG member in front of me just …

Writer’s Corner

Advice from a writer, for other writers. Here I put my suggestions and small discoveries.
Updates when I have thoughts to share.

silhouette of bird
Once Upon A Time: Starting to Write

Note: The ways listed in this post aren’t perfect ways for everyone, but if you don’t kn…

Story Extras

Short stories taking place in my already created universes.

The Dex Defying Trio: (Part 2/2)

Link to part one if you haven’t read it. Session Zero: DM’s Archived Notes NO SNOOPING M…

Future Clips

Pieces of projects that I technically haven’t started working on yet.

Political Drama (With Assassins!)

The jingle of coins echoed as the servant held out a bag, and Dinwain heard a soft clink as they lan…

Past Snippets

Finished stories: You can read the beginning here, and then read the rest on Kindle!

Prologue: The Prisoner

“Filthy Elf!” The dwarf screams at me as he is dragged past. “It’s all your fault we are in here! Yo…

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