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shallow focus photo of orange cat near laptop computer

Demon trouble

February, 2021-2022 Schoolyear I began unpacking my backpack uncomfortably. I didn’t realize the library near my school was so popular on the weekends. The only reason I was here was because Joy needed to take the entrance exams for our… Read More »Demon trouble

white and brown cat on red and white floral textile

Holiday Spirit

(December, 2021-22 Schoolyear) “Shoo Mephi!” I say distractedly at him. I’m trying to concentrate on editing chapters of my senior project, but his head is visible out of the corner of my eye as he perches on one of my… Read More »Holiday Spirit

white and black line illustration

Stress I

(November 2021-22 Schoolyear) “…”  “What’s the problem Sarah?” Mephi sighs leaning over my shoulder, looking at my empty screen.  “Query letters. Reading my own writing. Freaking out. Phone. Things I should have asked J— after he read my stuff. Do… Read More »Stress I

gray and white click pen on white printer paper

Cert Scores

(October 2021-22 Schoolyear) “A 29 in English Sarah? Were you even trying?” Mephi looks over my shoulder incredulously at my CERT1 scores. “That’s literally the same thing you got for Math.” “Well you were distracting me throughout that test, so… Read More »Cert Scores

June calendar

Summer Planning

Late May, 2021 Note: this one is a little long, “You’re here again.” Mephi says, looking at me. “Why are you in this tab?” “Well, I didn’t get into Gov school. I need to reorder my life plan list.” I… Read More »Summer Planning

NHS Applications

(January 2020-21 schoolyear) So, why are you back here again?” Mephi asks me, watching me smile as I re-read our latest story.  “Gahh!” I start upright in my seat. “Oh, just you Mephi.”  “Just me? Little insulted here Sarah.” Mephi… Read More »NHS Applications

fountain pen on spiral book

The Beginning

(September 2020-21 Schoolyear) Note: I know this looks a little long, but this is the is the only one of its size, so don’t get too worried. The others are mostly around 1/10 to 1/4 as long. That being said,… Read More »The Beginning